Bricktop’s Now Open

Bricktop’s is now open in the former River House space. The building was completely renovated inside and out and features increased outdoor seating, as well a tiki bar and lounge area. Bricktop’s will serve lunch, dinner, and brunch.

Bricktop’s was started by the founder of Houston’s. The chain is very upscale and known for great food and service. Other Bricktop’s locations include Palm Beach, Coral Gables, Naples, Atlanta, Charlotte, St Louis and Nashville.

Bricktop’s will be one of the few waterfront dining options in Palm Beach Gardens. This unique setting along with the proposed marina redevelopment plans will create a lively environment. The upscale nature of Bricktop’s, its extended hours, including lunch, and the large outdoor tiki bar will make Bricktop’s a great amenity for our customers.