Fuel Discount Program

We are taking several steps to make fuel more affordable at PGA Marina. You may have noticed that after takeover of ownership we lowered fuel prices to be more competitive with the market. We intend to maintain these lower base prices going forward. Additionally, we are implementing a new fuel discount program for those who keep their boats with us.

All marina licensees will receive the following fuel discounts:

Gallons                                  Volume Discount

0-50                                                   3%

50+                                                   3.5%

100+                                                  4%

500+                                                  5%

1000+                                                6%

You do not need to do anything to receive these savings, as these discounts will automatically be applied to your fuel purchases. You will also be entitled to receive 1 free bag of ice for every 10 gallons purchased, with a maximum of 5 bags per purchase.

We are taking steps to make fuel purchases more convenient as well. We have ordered two (2) one hundred (100’) foot fuel hoses so that we will be able to fuel your boats in the staging area upon launch. A fuel ordering option will also be available as part of the online launch scheduling feature which we will roll out this fall.  In addition to fuel, this feature will give you the further ability to order ship’s store items such as drinks, ice, etc. online so that your vessel will be ready to go upon your arrival at the marina.

We thank you for your continued business.